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Interactive Games

These challenging interactive inflatables offer sizzling competition while entertaining spectators with unforgettable laughs and excitement. Contact us for pricing - quantity discounts are available.

Millennium II Obstacle Course
Young people and adults alike will enjoy some friendly competition through the obstacle course. There are two layout options available. (17' High x 60' Long x 14' Wide) or (17' High x 60' Long x 30' Wide)

Gladiator Dome
Friends can engage in a friendly game of jousting in the Gladiator Dome.

Grand Prix School
Young children have the opportunity to race each other through the Grand Prix obstacle course to see who crosses the finish line first. (7' High x 31'Deep x 16' Wide)

3-Lane Bungee Run
Up to three friends can compete to see who can run the farthest before being pulled back by the powerful bungee. (9' High x 32' Deep x 15' Wide)

Boxing Ring
A friendly boxing match with oversized boxing gloves ensues within the Boxing Ring. (6' High x 29' Deep x 24' Wide)

King of the Mountain
This three-sided climbing wall challenges climbers to reach the top of the 28 foot wall. Each climber is secured in a harness with safety lines to ensure a safe decline to the bottom. (28' High x 25' Deep x 25' Wide)

60' Obstacle Course
An impressive 60 feet of demanding walls tunnels and obstacles, this ride is great for team building and races.

Sports Bungee Challenge
Opponents vigorously try to make touchdowns or dunk basketballs at opposite ends while connected by a bungee chord. A blast for any age and one that adults will thoroughly enjoy.

Sumo Wrestling
A proven winner at any event that is "tons" of fun! This item comes with an inflatable safety ring around the wrestling area to catch a falling sumo wrestler. Hilarious!

Lazer Tag
All ages will enjoy the thrill of lazer tag inside this inflatable maze. 8 people at a time can race around the maze trying to shoot others with lazer guns. Guns and chest targets are supplied with the rental of this ride.

Multi-Sports Cage
Step right up! Test your speed with our inflatable speed cage with radar. Unit converts quickly between baseball, football, soccer, tennis, or hockey.

Hip-De-Hop Horses
Our bouncy inflatable horses are a cute addition to any event and are fun to watch too. Made for children and adults alike, the horses can be adapted into several different horse racing themes: Western, Racing, Kentucky Derby, and more.
Hard Rockwall
Young people and adults will enjoy this 18ft rockwall. The weight limits are from 45lbs to 250lbs and two climbers can scale the wall at a time. The wall can fit through a standard double-door and thus be used in many indoor facilities.

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